Eric Paul Oellerich

“Eric Paul Oellerich is a Business Developer located in Minneapolis,MN.  He is currently incorporating and building out an online retail business focused around Action Sports to soon be launched in 2016.  With over 18 years of experience in Design, Photography, Sales Marketing, Online Sales and over 28 years of being actively involved in Action Sports.  He is merging his experience with his passion to mold a dynamic company focused on bringing people around the world the best selection of Action Sport Equipment quickly and efficiently.”

1993  The Adventure Begins  Eric Paul Oellerich a 19 year old kid from the suburbs of Chicago embarks on an adventure out west going it solo. Arriving in San Diego, CA to fulfill his dreams of living on the beach and figuring out how to perfect his craft in Art and Design. Taking classes at local community colleges to gain residency he starts learning his trade by taking various Art and Design classes. Everything from 3D modeling, Graphic Design, Illustration, and even a paper making class which surprisingly turned out to be one of his favorite classes out of his 5 years in college. Taking on projects for friends and family he manages to to pay his bills and continuing to learn his craft over the next 4 years. It wasn’t all work and no play he managed to get a few games of horse shoes in along with beach combing and soaking up the California sun.

1995 -1997  San Diego State University – He is asked by a friend to develop a flyer for the end of the school year Annual San Diego State film festival. He agrees to help out and makes a unique looking flyer for the film festival. In exchange for doing the flyer at no charge the organizer said he could drop his company logo and contact information on the back of the flyer. The organizer loved the design of the flyer and the festival was a hit. One month later school is out of session he receives a phone call from the PR manager for Jewel Kiltcher (The musician). She said she liked what he did with the flyer and was wondering if he would be interested in putting together a full color lyric book for Jewel. Standing beside himself he said yes he could start right away. After getting off the phone he realized that he doesn’t have a computer to do the project. He’s been using the computer lab at San Diego State to complete most of his projects for friends and associates. The problem is school didn’t start back up again for another month. He then asked one of his friends to borrow his e-machine tower and monitor he agreed to help out in this time of need. Another thing he never thought about when saying yes to this project was the potential of putting college on the back burner to dive into this once in a lifetime opportunity. Needless to day the lyric book was completed along with a few t-shirt designs and also a poster and they all managed to sell out over the next couple years. This helped immediately spring board his career and job offers started coming in.

1998 – 2000 Art Director – He is offered a position as an internal subcontractor for a new magazine that was an idea getting ready to start. He is given the title of Art Director / Graphic Designer and is asked to help develop this new concept for the magazine and web design advertising hybrid. Located in the art district of downtown San Diego near Little Italy overlooking the flight path at San Diego International Airport. It was a huge office all windows on one side and large enough to paste the magazine layouts all over for editing. Developing multiple magazines and over 30+ websites helped him gain experience quickly. After gaining experience here he decided to take a shot at going into business for himself full time.

2000-2002  Art Director / Graphic Design – Deciding to dedicate his full time to developing his new business and setting up a network of talent to help him develop his new business. Taking on clients from Salons to other local businesses he was able to keep paying the bills and planning out his future company.

2002 – 2006  Sales / Art Director / Graphic Design – The Mortgage Boom sweeps across the nation. He was doing a web design project for a Mortgage Company and was asked if he would be interested in working with them full time. Thinking back on almost 10 years of doing design he managed to always pull in enough clients and figured if he took on a full time position he could always do design after hours. This seemed like a great opportunity to jump into a booming market and build up capital quicker and learn more of the sales side of business to help balance out his creative side. Understanding this he took on a position at the company along with still doing design projects when they came up to still keep his skills sharpened. After working with the company for a while he realized that there was a real need internally to get interested people for mortgages submitting their information via the internet. So he checked out a few prospect generation companies online that helped consumers find mortgage professionals. This side of the industry seemed crucial for the lifeline of any business and he was drawn to learn more about this industry.

2004 – 2006  Senior Sales Representative – Taking the skills he learned in the mortgage business he went to work for a company that specialized in helping mortgage brokers find clients located in La Jolla,CA. With 2 years of sales experience under his belt this is when he achieved the most success monetarily in his lifetime. He started to put as much savings in the bank as he could. The industry itself was fairly new so there was a huge demand to fill mortgage brokers orders. This was a new way to bring independent and large brokerage firms interested clients based on their criteria. In 2005 he moved to Minneapolis, MN and took his position with him as an outside sales rep. Placing in the top 5 out of 20 reps consistently he was riding the mortgage wave on the marketing end of the business. He ended up making more money outside of the office for the next 1.5 years then he did working inside an office.

Towards the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 the data being supplied through the company seemed to be recycled data and the quality was diminishing with each passing month. Mortgage Brokers seemed to start and pull away on their order placements due to the poor data being supplied. This was really unfortunate because it was such a great business model but it seemed like the people at the top were letting the business run into the ground and losing interest. It turned out after the fact that they did have alternative plans for a new social networking site that was a few years down the road. One thing that was observed while working for a mortgage marketing company was there seemed to be a slow down in the market place along with a declining quality of the data being supplied. Talking with brokers and consultants this seemed to be the case nationwide. It was almost foreshadowing what was to come in the next couple years with the Mortgage Industry. His philosophy as what happened in the mortgage marketing business was that vendors that supplied data to just a handful of companies found themselves having to supply data to more companies jumping into the same business. Eventually this way of marketing internet data has changed due to what occurred during this time. The whole model has changed with more screening involved many times involved with a live agent.

2006 – 2008  Senior Sales Representative – Saving up enough money from his previous job he took time off to build out 3 online business models he has been wanting to produce for a while. After developing these 3 models he went back to work as a Mortgage Consultant. Again success was gained over the next year working a 100% commission job. Little did he know that between June 2006- August 2007 the mortgage industry was on it’s last leg before the tailspin of the market. August 2007 the rules changed subprime which was 90% of his broker shops business business went bust. He use to see 10 lender reps in the office at any one given time but now you were lucky to see 2-3 a week. Mortgage lenders folding their cards and closing down shop. Working in a broker shop having multiple lenders was the lifeline to the business. Needless to say he saw the warning signs and understood this industry was in peril. Understanding he had profitable and rewarding 6 year career in the mortgage industry he decided to exit for good and spend time with his ailing grandfather. Along the way he has built up a great network of friends in the industry many of them being his former bosses,supervisors and co workers that he still keeps in touch with and meets up for lunch on a regular basis.

This was also going on during the same time his grandfather (Paul) was fighting his last month of a 5 year battle with terminal cancer. He decided he had to go down and visit his grandfather during his time of need. He always had a really strong bond with his grandfather and cared for him deeply. Paul lived about 6 hours away and he would always try to get down to see him at least 3-4 times a year but this last time was the most difficult. To see his grandfather he looked up to all his life unable to go on any longer was hard to see. Sitting by his grandfather and holding on to his hands during his last moments was a spiritual experience he still to this day cannot put into words or understand what he was feeling. Time seemed to stand still as his grandfather slipped peacefully away in his hands.

Paul was one of kind. Serving in WWII in the Third Army under General Patton, arriving in Normandy and awarded 5 bronze stars during his tour of duty. The stories he shared about the war were inspirational and amazing. He was lucky and blessed throughout his life. He was a true American that had nothing but love for his family,friends and country. Fourth of July will never be the same without him. This was Paul’s favorite holiday.

2008 – 2010 Investing 

Economic downturn hits us all Sept 08. This is what people in the mortgage sector were feeling at the end of 07 it just took a year to catch up to the general population. Spent 6 months Daytrading and studying the securities market seeing how it functions and operates. Not yet an expert but feel very comfortable planting the seeds in the right securities that will flourish in the near future. Small fortunes will be made in the next 3-5 years when recovery flourishes. What an eye opening experience watching 20%-30%-40% gains on individual stocks in a given day.  2009 – 2010  This year looks brighter even in an upside down economy.


Combining the past 18 years of experience in Design, Sales and Business Development the decision is made to start baby steps towards developing a full fledged online retail company. Goal to launch by middle of 2014.


Beta Testing new business with amazing results.  Working on logo development, branding and structuring of the new business going forward.  Seeing the transition of retail stores going online over the past couple years is moving the model 100% online from now till 2017. Finally have a solid confirmation of this with sales results from the end of 2013.  Once milestones are met between 2014-2017 a plan to open up strategic locations across America based on customers preferences in any given region.  Model will be based on an online experience merged with a micro store front to reduce costs, gain more exposure and increase efficiency from one centralized shipping hub.



**** 2014 – 2020 PHASE III / PHASE IV FUTURE FORECAST ****


This will be PHASE III of business development online.
Building of on online commerce website and brand recognition.


This will be PHASE IV of business development with plans to expand
business model from online into multiple key retail sectors across America.

Stay Tuned and in Touch…

Kind Regards,

Eric Paul Oellerich


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